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The Valley Breast Cancer Foundation is a non-profit arm of Valley Breast Care and Women's Health Center.  The mission of the center is: To stop the premature and preventable deaths of women from breast cancer.  Through the charitable arm of the Valley Breast Cancer Foundation the center seeks to provide access to breast cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment for under-insured and uninsured women.

Located on the campus of Valley Presbyterian Hospital, in the San Fernando Valley, Valley Breast Care offers mammograms, whole breast ultrasound scans, breast biopsies and breast cancer treatment with support services to women seeking care.  The center was founded in 2005 and has provided such services to many thousand women in the last six years.

 In addition to breast cancer screening and diagnostic services the center also facilitates access to surgical oncology, medical oncology, and radiation oncology services.  Pre and post treatment supports services which include positive image counseling and social support services are also available.

Unfortunately, cuts in health care reimbursements and loss of health care coverage related to the recent decline in the economy has contributed to a delay in diagnosis and a lack of timely treatment for many women afflicted with breast cancer.  Please see the below link to a recent Daily News article which illustrates one unfortunate case.  In recent years breast centers attempting to provide services to under-served populations have struggled to remain financially viable and many have subsequently closed their doors, for example see the attached article: L.A. cancer screening center closes doors

Please do make a tax deductible donation, large or small, to enable Valley Breast Care to stop the premature and preventable deaths of women from breast cancer.  All contributions over $50 will receive a letter for tax purposes. 

Proceeds donated will benefit Valley Breast Cancer Foundation by providing timely access to breast health care for uninsured and under-insured women.

To contribute, you can either: 
Send a check payable to 'SEE'
Please write 'Valley Breast Cancer Foundation'  in the NOTE section of the check
and mail to:
 23532 Calabasas Rd, Suite A,
Calabasas, CA 91302
Donate online by clicking the donate button above:

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Call us at 818.225.9150 and reference "Valley Breast Cancer Foundation"

Contact Us

15211 Vanowen Street, Suite 202, Van Nuys, CA  91405
Phone: 818.782.4232
Fax: 818.782.4802


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